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3D Laser Scanner Training – Equipment


HTS-TrainingHTS Advanced Solutions understands that your technicians often need training on the latest 3D laser scanning equipment. Our hands-on 3D Laser Scanner Training programs are tailored to your custom requirements.

We offer hardware training on equipment by FARO, Artec, Dot-Product, Leica & Z+F IMAGER®.

With our network of partners and time-tested links with manufacturers worldwide, HTS Advanced Solutions is able to meet your specific needs. Whether it is full-blown factory training, product’s re-certification or familiarization on the equipment prior to taking it into the field, call HTS to learn how we can help get you and your personnel ready for your project.

Do your technicians need training on the rental equipment before taking it out to the field? Contact us for more information or call 281-890-8290

3D Laser Scanner Training – Software


HTS-softwareHTS Advanced Solutions offers a variety of different software packages to operate the equipment in the field or to post process the data and provide quality deliverables to your customer.

As with equipment, HTS recognizes the need for quality software knowledge and training, and so we offer hands-on 3D Scanner Training programs tailored to your custom requirements using software by FARO & Leica.

While HTS Advanced Solutions provides a high level of quality front line support we liaise with our software and training partners to provide a more comprehensive and in-depth level training.

HTS Advanced Solutions has available for rent the following software: take advantage of our hands-on training before you start your rental contract.

Take advantage of our hands-on training before you start your rental contract on any of the software packages we have in our rental pool: Artec Studio 10, CAM2 Measure 10, FARO Scene, Geometric Wrap or Leica Cyclone. Get your technicians up-to speed to save time in the field and produce better results. Efficiency all round.

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3D Laser Scanners

FARO Focus S-Series 3D Scanner
FARO S 350
FARO S 150

FARO Focus 3D Scanner

FARO X-130

FARO Focus 3D X330

Leica ScanStation C10

Leica HDS6200 Scanner

Leica HDS 7000


Z+F IMAGER 5006 Scanner (5006i)

Z+F IMAGER® 5010



CMM Arms

FARO Quantum S Arm


FARO Scan Arm ES

FARO Scan Arm HD

Camera Systems

Spheron Lite HDR Camera System

NC Tech iStar Fusion Camera

Handheld Scanners

Creaform HandySCAN 3D 700

Artec Leo

Artec Space Spider

Artec Eva

Artec Spider

DotProduct DPI-8

FARO Freestyle

Laser Trackers

FARO Laser Tracker

Mobile Mapping

Laptops / Software

Artec Studio 10 Software

CAM2 Measure 10

FARO Scene Software

Geomagic Wrap Software

Leica Cyclone Software

Total Stations

Leica FlexLine TS06plus

Accessories (3D Scanning)

2-Way Telescopic Tripod

3D Measurement Point Stickers

Sphere Reference Prisms (6 per set)

Leica Tilt & Turn Target Set

Flexi Sphere Set SECO

Mini Tripod Set

FARO Automation Adapter


Accessories (Metrology)

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