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Camera Systems

Al Bustan Hotel

Panoramic shot taken with iStar Fusion Camera


Panoramic shot taken with iStar Fusion Camera

Hotel Lobby

Panoramic shot taken with iStar Fusion Camera


Panoramic shot taken with iStar Fusion Camera

House being Demolished

Panoramic shot taken with iStar Fusion Camera

When you need to colorize a 3D point cloud or want to document an asset or area in full 360 color, HTS Advanced Solutions offers a variety of camera systems options.

Call us to rent an iStar Fusion or Spheron Lite Camera System. We also have a various stand offs to integrate with FARO, Z+F and Leica 3D scanners.

Applications include:

  • Accident & Crime Scene documentation
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Visual Effects or Computer Graphics – VFX / CG Applications
  • Architectural & Historic site documentation
  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D Laser Scanning – Colorizing a 3D point cloud with true HDR imagery
  • Real Estate

Call 833-273-6833 for rental rates and purchase options.

Available For Rent

Spheron Lite HDR Camera System

Authorized Reseller

SPHERONLITE Camera System: spherical HDR imaging capturing hard-to-beat HDR colorWhen you rent the Spheron Lite, you have the best HDR solution for your project. Whether you work in Forensics, CGI – VFX, Visual Asset Management or with 3D laser scanners and you need to colorize point cloud data, the Spheron Lite will deliver seamless imagery with no parallax error in one rotation.

The 32-Bit system delivers up to more than 100 Mp (compared to a DSLR) and in best HDR image quality – offering an outstanding 26 f-stops of dynamic range.

We also have an optional Scan Light that produces a precisely focused quad column of light from the LED Array on either side of the camera. No matter the light conditions – you can always guarantee a perfect illumination for your data capture.

Need a workable solution for a more efficient process for colorizing the point cloud in true 32-Bit HDR? Leica and Spheron have collaborated to effect a workflow solution to take advantage of the high quality imagery Speheron produces.

We offer for rent the Spheron Lite Tribrach Adapters for many of the 3D laser scanning systems such as the Scanstation C10, P Series, Z+F Scanners and FARO.

NC Tech iStar Fusion Camera


Please contact us or call 833-273-6833 for details.

Product Brochure: NC Tech iStar Fusion Camera

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Camera Systems

Spheron Lite HDR Camera System

NC Tech iStar Fusion Camera

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