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CMM Arms

CMM Arms deliver high accuracy measurement for metrology inspection and reverse engineering applications.
Rent a CMM Arm with optional ES and HD Laser Line Scanners coupled with CAM2, Measure 10 or Geomagic Wrap software.

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FARO CMM Arm available for rent

As the industry leader, FARO once again raises the bar in portable measurement with the revolutionary FARO CMM Arm.

The FARO Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Arm is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FaroArm® ever introduced. The FARO Edge features “SmartArm” technology with the first ever integrated personal measurement assistant. With its built-in touchscreen and on-board operating system, the Edge revolutionizes portable metrology by providing stand-alone basic measurement capability.

Product Brochure: FARO Edge CMM Arm

FARO Scan Arm ES

FARO Edge ScanArm ESTo complement the power and precision of the Edge, the FARO Laser Line Probe attachment creates the revolutionary Edge ScanArm® ES, providing unparalleled non-contact measurement capabilities.

The ScanArm ES is the latest advancement in FARO’s Laser Line Probe product line and features Enhanced Scanning Technology (EST). EST is the combination of multiple hardware and software improvements designed to boost performance by improving the ability to scan challenging surfaces.

Accuracy of ±35µ (±0.0014 in) and a scan rate up to 45,120 points / second

Product Brochure: FARO Scan Arm ES

FARO Edge Arm HD

EDGE SCAN ARM HDThe FARO Edge ScanArm HD combines the flexibility and the functionalities of a FARO Edge measuring Arm with the high-definition Laser Line Probe HD creating a powerful contact/non-contact portable measurement system ideal for challenging application requirements.

FARO Edge ScanArm HD delivers rapid point cloud collection with extreme resolution and high accuracy without any special coatings or target placement – all in a compact and easy-to-use system. FARO Edge ScanArm HD delivers rapid point cloud collection with extreme resolution and high accuracy without any special coatings or target placement – all in a compact and easy-to-use system

The extra wide scan stripe and fast frame rate boosts productivity by increasing coverage and reducing scanning time. Intricate components can be captured in fine detail as a result of the 2,000 actual points per scanline and the new blue laser featuring noise reduction technology. Users can dramatically reduce required training time with the new crosshair feature and existing LED Rangefinder functionality, which provides real-time scanning feedback.

Accuracy ±25μm (±0.001 in) and a scan rate of 280 frames per second. 280 fps x 2000 points / line = 560,000 points per second

Product Brochure: FARO Edge Arm HD

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