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3D Scanning Services

How HTS’s Scanning Services Can Help


HTS’s 3D scanning services goes beyond the rental of scanners. We provide quality, worldwide support 24/7; our skilled technicians are fully trained in both the hardware and the software.

Furthermore, HTS technicians are available to accompany the scanning equipment to your project site and carry out the field work for you. So if you rent a FARO Focus, Leica C10 or Z+F 5010 Imager and need an experienced operator, HTS Advanced Solutions can help.

Ever had a customer request additional services or a discipline that is just not what you do but don’t want to see the customer go elsewhere? HTS’s scanning services can help. Whether its Scanning / Inspection Services, Onshore or Offshore, Refinery or Forensics, HTS Advanced Solutions has the equipment, people, knowledge and contacts to fully tailor a solution to meet your needs. With 20+ years experience and 24/7 global support we are just a phone call away.

Short on Personnel?

If your teams are currently fully committed in the field and you get a call from a client for additional work, why make your customer wait, possibly allowing them to go elsewhere?
HTS’s 3D Scanning Services provides operators with the equipment. For example, we can complete the field work and deliver registered point clouds so you can concentrate on your specialty – Building Information Model (BIM), Piping Design, CAD, Modeling, CGI/FX, Crash scene animations etc. and you keep your customer happy.

Need to supply a non-core discipline?

Don’t miss out on bidding on a contract or allow your customer to possibly switch providers because a portion of the project is a non-core discipline or not quite your specialty?

Through a network of service providers HTS’s 3D scanning services can connect you with the right team to deliver you a solution specific to your project requirements and ultimate deliverable – seamlessly – one call is all you need. 833-273-6833

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    *** Recent Additions

    3D Laser Scanners

    FARO Focus S-150 Plus ***

    FARO Focus S-Series 3D Scanner
    - FARO S350
    - FARO S 150
    - FARO S 70

    FARO X-130

    FARO Focus 3D X330

    Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

    Leica ScanStation C10

    Leica RTC360 Scanner

    Leica HDS6200 Scanner

    Leica HDS 7000

    NavVis VLX ***


    Z+F 5016 IMAGER® ***

    Z+F IMAGER 5006 Scanner (5006i)

    Z+F IMAGER® 5010

    Z+F IMAGER® 5010C

    Z+F IMAGER® 5010X

    Camera Systems

    Spheron Lite HDR Camera System

    NC Tech iStar Fusion Camera

    Handheld Scanners

    Creaform HandySCAN 3D 700

    Artec Leo

    Artec Space Spider

    Artec Eva

    Artec Spider

    DotProduct DPI-8

    FARO Freestyle

    Laptops / Software

    Artec Studio 10 Software

    FARO Scene Software

    Geomagic Wrap Software

    Leica Cyclone Software

    Total Stations

    Leica FlexLine TS06plus

    3D Scanning Accessories

    Versatile Mount System ***

    Scan & Go Kangur-Lift System ***

    200 mm Flexi Sphere Set ***

    2-Way Telescopic Tripod

    Mini Tripod Set

    3D Measurement Point Stickers

    Sphere Reference Prisms (6 per set)

    Leica Tilt & Turn Target Set

    Flexi Sphere Set SECO

    FARO Automation Adapter

    For Sale - Laser Scanner Screen Protectors***

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