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Handheld 3D Scanners

Need a mobile, handheld 3D scanner? Not sure which one to rent?

Let the professionals at HTS Advanced Solutions advise you which 3D laser scanner will work best for you; our rental pool includes the following scanners: Atrec Eva, Artec Spider, DotProduct DPI & FARO Freestyle.

These handheld laser scanners are 100% portable and can easily be held with one hand. They capture video, (each frame being a three-dimensional image) from objects as small as a mouse to a vehicle. The operator simply has to walk around the object while holding the scanner. Because these handheld scanners can be orientated at different angles they are ideal for getting into tight spaces. And the software is incorporated within the unit so a laptop or computer is not needed, making these units extremely user-friendly and very easy to operate.

Call to discuss the details of your assignment so we can advise you which 3D scanner is best suited for your project.

Available For Rent

Artec Eva Handheld 3D Scanner

Artec-EVAThe Artec Eva 3D scanner is a full color, handheld, portable (under 2lbs) 3D scanning instrument. Easy to take with you on any assignment and ready for scanning indoors (museums, buildings etc) and outside (accident scenes etc). The Artec Eva make 3D scanning easy.

The Artec 3D scanner captures objects quickly in high resolution and vibrant color, which allows for almost unlimited uses in Computer Graphics & Animation, Medical and Archival.
This handheld Artec Eva Scanner is the ideal choice for those who need to receive a quick, textured and accurate scan. Eva doesn’t require markers or calibration, and is similar to a video camera which captures in 3D.

The scanner captures up to 16 frames per second, and these frames are aligned automatically in real-time, making 3D scanning easy and fast. When you rent an Artec EVA it comes with a laptop and Artec Studio 10 to allow fast processing and meshing of the object or asset.

Product Brochure: Artec Eva Handheld Scanner

Artec Spider Handheld 3D Scanner

Artec-SpiderArtec Spider is a new 3D laser scanner designed specifically for CAD users and perfect for reverse engineering, product design, quality control and mass production. Together with Artec Studio software it is a powerful desktop tool for designers, engineers and inventors of every kind.

It scans with accuracy of up to 30 microns and resolution of up to 100 microns, meaning that this scanner is most effective when digitizing small-sized objects with intricate details, sharp edges and thin ribs.

Artec Spider introduces new, unreachable level of detailing. Create highly-detailed computer graphics scenes by digitizing small objects in brilliant color. Artec Spider captures color information at 24 bits per pixel (bpp) with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels (mp). These detailed, textured models can be used in such industries as CG and animation.

Product Brochure: Artec Spider Handheld Scanner

DotProduct DPI-8 Kit

DPI-8Handheld 3D Data Capture on a Tablet

DPI-8 offers a handheld self-contained 3D scanner, based on Android that is easy and intuitive to use. Capture data in 3D quickly and integrate it with existing scan data or bring it in to your CAD package directly.

This tablet-based, 8″ screen runs off an internal battery & provides instant data capture and review. With 16 or 32 GB storage, the DotProduct DPI-8 scanner can capture 5000 scans.

Product Brochure: DotProduct DPI-8 Kit

Product Brochure: DotProduct DPI-8SR Kit

FARO Freeestyle

faro-freestyleThe FARO Freeestyle 3D is a top quality, high precision scanner for professionals.

This handheld scanner quickly and reliably documents rooms, structure and objects in 3D and creates high definition point clouds. As part of the FARO suite of scanners it easily integrates into Scene and existing scan data.
When you rent a FARO Freestyle it comes with a dedicated Surface Pro so you can move freely and efficiently, capturing your data and readily see the 3D Point cloud being generated in real time.

Product Brochure: FARO Freeestyle

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