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Total Stations

Rent a Total Station as a standalone survey instrument or to support your 3D survey.

Leica Geosystem’s Total Station can be deployed on traditional Land Survey projects to offshore asset Dimensional Control.

Available For Rent

Leica Total Station FlexLine TS06 Plus


Leica-Total-Station-TS06-203x203The Leica Total Station is ideal for many daily surveying tasks, especially for mid to high-accuracy scanning applications.

Leica’s “easy to operate” claim is an understatement and readily apparent as soon as you use this scanner.

Leica Total Station FlexLine TS06plus 3D scanner allows you to work quickly and effectively from day one.

Application Programs Included: Survey incl. Map View; Stake Out; Station Setup including: Resection, Local Resection, Helmert Re- section, Orientation (Angles & Coordinates), Height Transfer; Area (Plan & Surface); DTM Volume calculation; Tie Distance (MLM); Remote Height; Hidden Point; Backsight Check; Offset; Reference Line; Reference Arc; Reference Plane; Road 2D; COGO

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