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3D Scanning Accessories

Having enough accessories such as Tilt & Turn targets, Spheres, Tripods and Magnetic Mounts are an essential part of ensuring your project is a success. Rent what you need and have it arrive directly on you job site. In addition to the wide range of 3D scanners HTS Advanced Solutions offers, we also offer for rent the small but important items.

HTS Advanced Solutions has the latest in 3D laser scanning technology and 3D scanning accessories. The following accessories are available for rent for your laser scanning project. Call 833-273-6833 for details.

HTS Advanced Solution’s equipment rental pool includes the latest terrestrial 3D laser scanning technology: 2nd generation FARO Focus3D, handheld scanners (Artec & DPI7) as well as the FARO CMM Arm & FARO Vantage Laser Tracker. These and other 3D laser scanners are now available for short and long-term rentals.

In addition to our extensive 3D scanner & metrology equipment rental pool, our training and support options make leasing from HTS Advanced Solutions a great solution for any size company.

Available For Rent

200 mm Flexi Sphere Set

200 mm Flexi Sphere Set


For use when scanning large dimensional areas.

These durable reference spheres are made with a special non-chipping surface coating for optimal reflectivity.


2-Way Telescopic Tripod

2-Way-Telescopic-TripodEasily raise or lower your 3D laser scanner, thereby increasing your available scanning positions.

This tripod allows scanning in a height of 2.60m (8.53 ft), and overhead scanning of shafts up to a depth of 1.00m (39.4 in).

Comes with 3D Safety Adapter, 3/8″ adapter (for use with FARO Focus 3D or Trimble TX5 laser scanner), 4 extension tubes.

Developed and manufactured in Germany.


3D Measurement Point Stickers

3D-Measurement-Point-StickerA set of reference point stickers greatly aids in any laser scanning or surveying project. Simply mark the spots of your reference sphere or target with a sticker to return to them at any time.

Fast: Stickers can be applied quickly and accurately.

Easy: Clear marking of your reference points enabling measurements to be attained without hassle.

Sphere Reference Prisms (6 per set)

Sphere-Reference-PrismAn essential component to any 3D imaging job.

The Mini Prism is an essential attribute to producing extremely accurate measurement results, & translating objects recorded with a 3D laser scanner onto a global coordinate system.

The reference spheres are perfectly compatible with this mini prism, as both centers perfectly align allowing for a precise location measurement, without the need for complicated set-ups.

Leica Tilt & Turn Target Set

Leica-Tilt-Turn-TargetTilt & turn set

4 per set



Flexi Sphere Set

Flexi-Sphere-set-of-66″ Flexi sphere set

6 per set



SECO Mini Tripod Set

Mini-Tripod-set-of-36″ SECO Mini Tripod Set




FARO Automation Adapter


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    *** Rental Pool Recent Additions

    3D Laser Scanners

    FARO Focus S-150 Plus ***

    FARO Focus S-Series 3D Scanner
    - FARO S350
    - FARO S 150
    - FARO S 70

    FARO X-130

    FARO Focus 3D X330

    Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

    Leica ScanStation C10

    Leica RTC360 Scanner

    Leica HDS6200 Scanner

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    NavVis VLX ***


    Z+F 5016 IMAGER® ***

    Z+F IMAGER 5006 Scanner (5006i)

    Z+F IMAGER® 5010

    Z+F IMAGER® 5010C

    Z+F IMAGER® 5010X

    Camera Systems

    Spheron Lite HDR Camera System

    NC Tech iStar Fusion Camera

    Handheld Scanners

    Creaform HandySCAN 3D 700

    Artec Leo

    Artec Space Spider

    Artec Eva

    Artec Spider

    DotProduct DPI-8

    FARO Freestyle

    Laptops / Software

    Artec Studio 10 Software

    FARO Scene Software

    Geomagic Wrap Software

    Leica Cyclone Software

    Total Stations

    Leica FlexLine TS06plus

    3D Scanning Accessories

    200 mm Flexi Sphere Set ***

    2-Way Telescopic Tripod

    3D Measurement Point Stickers

    Sphere Reference Prisms (6 per set)

    Leica Tilt & Turn Target Set

    Flexi Sphere Set SECO

    Mini Tripod Set

    FARO Automation Adapter

    For Sale - Laser Scanner Screen Protectors***


    Custom Screen Protectors for Laser Scanners

    Protect laser scanner equipment from bumps and scrapes that sometimes happen during normal wear and tear or unkind working environments.

    Benefits include:

    • Keeps your scanner looking new
    • Reduce unforeseen costly damages by protecting the surface of the screens and housing at a fraction of the cost to repair or replace
    • Easily replaceable
    • Safety colors available
    Custom cut screen protectors and housing protectors for 3D laser scanners

    3 screen protector/skins for $15

    Custom cut equipment “bumpers”

    3 sets for $25